Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting October 2016

Reporter: Iain Macintosh

Here is a taste of some of the items that were discussed at the recent SCOM Committee Meeting...

John Weatherell reported that the feedback from the members about the SCoM sessions at the Chill Factore continues to be positive. “Everybody loves them!”

Members do need to confirm their attendance at the sessions in advance to assist with instructor planning and to avoid disappointment. If the session is full and members turn up without warning, they will not be able to participate.

Dave Shepherd reported that all the 2016/17 holiday places have been taken and reserve lists are being kept.

The potential locations for the 2017/18 holidays were discussed. Committee members were asked to review the destination list collated by Tony Shaw and feed back their thoughts at the next meeting.

A programme of the regular annual events the club engages in has been collated by Chris Fildes. One suggestion was to add in a regular canoeing event. Suggestions for different activities are positively welcomed from members.

The arrangements for the Christmas meal were confirmed by Caroline Brown and the menu options were discussed.

Potential changes to the new member buddy system were proposed by Ruth Bacci.

It was agreed that the SCoM Facebook group was working well.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what a SCoM committee meeting looks like, looks a like this...

Please do get in touch with me via my SCOM email address before the end of January and I will ensure that all feedback finds its way to the appropriate committee member before the next committee meeting.